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Application to install a swimming pool

If you have the application Microsoft Word you can click HERE
If you would like to save the document, right click on your mouse and select "Save target as..."
If not you will have to highlight the form and print it.

Village of Atholville

247 Notre Dame St.
Atholville, NB E3N 4T1
Tel: (506)789-2944   fax: (506) 789-2925

Application to install a swimming pool

Pool location: ____________________________________________________  
Applicant's name: _________________________________________________  
Applicant's phone number: __________________________________________  
Do you own ___ or rent ___  
If you are renting, name of owner: ____________________________________  
Owner's address: ________________________________________________  
Owner's phone number: ___________________________________________  


Swimming pool information

Size of Pool: ________ X ________            OR            Diameter ________  
Height: ________                      Permanent installation ___ yes ___ no  
Water capacity (80%) _________________  
Where, on your land, will the pool be installed? ___________________________  


I, _____________________ of ___________________in ht county of

_______________________ do solemnly declare:

  1. THAT I hereby request a permision to install a pool as described, and agree
      to conform to all by-laws and pertinent administration requirements

2. THAT I am owner (or authorized agent) named in the above application.

3. THAT the declarations contained herein are completely true and made with
      full knowledge of all circumstances connected therewith.

      AND I make this solemn declaration sincerely believing that it is true and that
      it has the same effect as if had been solemnly sworn under the
      "Canada Evidence Act".

Sign at ________________________ on this ____ day of ____________ 20__.

Signature of applicant


For office use only

Paid ____     Invoiced ____

Employee's Initials __________

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