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Municipal By-Laws

  By-Laws respecting Administrative matters Section A
A-1 A By-law respecting administration and the Village Council
A-2 A By-law concerning the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village of Atholville
A-3 A by-law respecting the officials of the Village of Atholville
A-5 A by-law to continue the superannuation plan for employees of the Village of Atholville

  By-Laws respecting Land Use Section L
No. 31 A by-law respecting the stopping up and permanent closing of Comeau St.
No. 33 A by-law respecting the stopping up and permanent closing of a portion of Beauvista Drive and Val d'Amour Road
No. 40A A by-law respecting the stopping up and permanent closing of Miller Lane

  By-Laws respecting Regulations and Licensing Section R
R-4 A by-law related to the Closing of retail establishments in the Village of Atholville
........ Schedule "A" (.PDF)
R-6 A by-law relating to cabs, taxicabs, omnibuses and other vehicles for conveying passengers, etc.
R-7 A by-law respecting peddlers
........ Schedule "A"(.PDF)

  By-Laws respecting Safety Section S
S-1 A by-law respecting the fire department
S-2 A by-law respecting fire prevention
........ Schedule "A"(.PDF)
S-3 A by-law respecting the Community Emergency Planning
S-4 A by-law respecting outside fires
S-7 A by-law respecting dangerous or unsightly premises
S-11 A by-law respecting animal control
........ Schedule "A"(.PDF)
S-13 A by-law respecting disturbance by noise

  By-Laws respecting Traffic and Streets Section T
T-1 A by-law to regulate traffic
T-2 A by-law relating to snow removal

  By-Laws respecting City Works Section W
W-1 A by-law relating to the water and sewer systems
W-2 A by-law respecting water rates and sewer rentals
........ Schedule "A"(.PDF)
W-4 A by-law to regulate the collection and disposal of garbage and other material
........ Schedule "A"(.PDF)     Schedule "B"(.PDF)

  By-Laws respecting Zoning Section Z
Z-22 A by-law regulating external commercial signs

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